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BAC Annual General Meeting 25th November :

Lovat Arms , Dining Room 7:30 pm, Wednesday

Loch Wattan Competition photographs.

The Day at the Beauly Gala pictures

And some from the Bar-B-Q day at Beat 1

Wild Fisheries review:


Frank had the 9.75lb Salmon on the Don at Inverurie- pictures in the Gallery

Nearly a year after the one below Janet Adams lands another from the Farrar

Janet Adams had a late fish on the River Glass- 6.5lbs. 13th Oct on her own-tied Allys' Shrimp - click for picture

January 2015 News Letter from this link


Next Meeting

December 2nd 2015 Wednesday 8p.m.
Beauly Shinty Clubhouse
(on Braeview Park)

Meeting Minutes for 4th Nov.

The President has sent a letter to the Wild Fisheries Review. This outlines the Club's views on the Bill.
At a meeting of the NBFT, it was recorded the Aigas Dam saw over 4,000 fish through the system by week 42 (which is mid-September). There have been a lot of works for burn improvements but we haven't seen the results of the electro-fishing yet. The new website should be available from

For discussions at the AGM:
1/ Returns over the last 3 years have been in decline.
2/ Firth Fishings - the committee suggest we should be asking for Returns?

If you haven't - do it quickly!!

As we draw the season to a close, your Returns are required by the end of October. As usual drop them into the box outside 18, Croyard Drive or hand them to a committee member.


Visit Grahams in Inverness for Firth Tickets from Wester Lovat to Bunchrew.
Day tickets will be available in The Lovat Arms, Beauly for the 2015 Season.

Last updated Nov 2015

To add yourself to the waiting list - click this link: or send your details to The President at BAC (mailto:

BAC Committee

Airdliosta, Drumchardine.
Tel: Kirkhill 831258

Mingulay, Easter Moniack, Kirkhill.
Tel: Kirkhill 831721
Leanassie, Beauly. IV4 7AF
Tel:07709 906449

Hamish Young

Committee for 2015
Alan Brindle, Duncan Fraser, Lee Martin, Jim Braithwaite, Ian McHardy, Neil Mackenzie, Paul Summerlin, John Szarkiewicz, 2 vacancies.

Tide Table estimates will be available for the start of the 2016 season


Tide timetable details can be found at

COMMITTEE MEETING DATES 2015. Wednesday 8pm Beauly Shinty Clubhouse.

February 4th
March 4th

April 1st
May 6th
June 3rd

September 2nd
October 7th
November 4th
December 2nd

AGM Weds 25th November 2015, 7.30 pm at The Lovat Arms, Beauly (room to be confirmed).

Club Rules -quick reference

The full terms and conditions can be found in the members handbook or from the links above on this page.
Please remember that all permits must be taken up by 31st March and all returns should be in by 31st October
(box outside at John Szarkiewicz's house -18, Croyard Drive- or to a Committee member.)

General terms are below:
Fishing Seasons:
Salmon, Sea Trout and Finnock- 11th February to 15th October Brown Trout-15th March to 6th October.
A maximum of 1 rod per angler is allowed.
No more than 2 anglers should fish any pool at one time.
Fishing is by fly only using a conventional fly rod and line from Lovat bridge to Wester Lovat.
Thereafter fly, spinners, bait etc. can be used.

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