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This year's Opening Day 2014 Pictures and More and More

Janet Adams on an exchange ticket at Loch Meig with a 13/4lb

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Next Meeting- 7th May 8p.m. British Legion


Minutes from the 2nd April

Progressing with the President's initiative to promote Juniors to the Club, discussions were held about what the Club needs to provide - casting lessons, safety advice, equipment etc. The Vice-President has been asked to source the requirements we think will be needed.

The 'Catch & Release' policy recommended by the Fishery Board was also discussed. The Board is asking that all fish are released until the end of May to preserve stocks. On that subject is was noted at the last meeting the dams are not allowing Celts to descend from the upper reservoirs and the fish elevator is only opened on request. This has been raised at Fishery Board level as well and we wait an answer from SSE. There has been research into how the fish use the elevator and the most efficient methods to employ and some years ago the elevator was used at least 3 times daily to allow fish to go up and downstream. An old SSE leaflet describes how the elevator works and its use.

Competition dates for your diaries:
Senior Competition at Achaghour - Thursday June 26th , Beauly Square 5 pm
Junior Competition is To Be Advised but likely in July.

Loch Fada - No pike have been caught this season so we don't think there is much of a problem with predation on the trout put in last year. The gates are open but the road is still being heavily used by lorries removing cut wood, so watch out for them on the road.

Tomich Burn: The Moray Firth Sea Trout Project have asked if the Club would assist in the burn clearance - date to be advised. We shall be checking the Burn this weekend to see what we think needs to be cleared and also to check on the fallen tree in Beat 3 - which is a hazard to wading. Members have also been informed of some fly-tipping around the Ferry pool abd we'll be advising Lovat Estates who police this section of the bank.

The Bridge, Lovat Park. - Graham Lowder has asked if the Club would be interested in a get-together in early June. He already hosts the fortnightly fly-tying (this coming Monday 7th) which may tail off as the season, and fish, get underway.


Fly-tying Monday at The Bridge, Lovat Park.


Visit Grahams in Inverness for Firth Tickets from Wester Lovat to Bunchrew. Day tickets will be available in The Lovat Arms after the Opening.

Last updated 21st April 2014

To add yourself to the waiting list - click this link: or send your details to The President by clicking Waiting List

BAC Committee

Airdliosta, Drumchardine.
Tel: Kirkhill 831258

Mingulay, Easter Moniack, Kirkhill.
Tel: Kirkhill 831721
Leanassie, Beauly. IV4 7AF
Tel: Beauly 782785

Hamish Young

Committee for 2014
Alan Brindle, Duncan Fraser, Lee Martin, Jim Braitwaite, Ian McHardy, Bill Sykes, Graham Edmonds, Neil Mackenzie, Paul Summerlin, John Szarkiewicz

COMMITTEE MEETING DATES 2014. Wednesday 8pm British Legion Beauly.

Wednesday 5th February 2014
5th March

2nd April
7th May
4th June
3rd Sept
1st Oct
5th Nov
3rd Dec

AGM Weds 26th November 2014, 7.30 pm at The Lovat Arms, Beauly (room to be confirmed).

Club Rules

The full terms and conditions can be found in the members handbook or from the links above on this page.
Please remember that all permits must be taken up by 31st March and all returns should be in by 31st October
(box outside at John Szarkiewicz's house -18, Croyard Drive- or to a Committee member.)

General terms are below:
Fishing Seasons:
Salmon, Sea Trout and Finnock- 11th February to 15th October Brown Trout-15th March to 6th October.
A maximum of 1 rod per angler is allowed.
No more than 2 anglers should fish any pool at one time.
Fishing is by fly only using a conventional fly rod and line from Lovat bridge to Wester Lovat.
Thereafter fly, spinners, bait etc. can be used.

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