Loch Fada Rules: As Displayed in Returns Box Lid.


  • NO more than 5 club rods at any one time, unless by prior permission of the committee.
  • Rods must be in possession of a tag from the Returns box.
  • All rods must complete a return slip for each visit including NIL returns.
  • All fish under 12inchs to be returned.
  • No more than 2 fish per day allowed to be kept.
  • No Boats or Float Tubes allowed.
  • All Juniors UNDER 14 years of age Must be accompanied by a responsible adult and wear safety glasses.
  • Single, Barbless hooks ONLY allowed.
  • NO FIRES allowed.
  • All litter must be taken home.
  • No members vehicle is allowed beyond the Forestry gate by order of the Estate.



As Set by the A.G.M November 2017.