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Last updated May 24th 2016

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Opening Poem 2016:

We Bless the rains on Affric Hill,
On Farrar Glen, that flow and spill
In misty cascade, o'er rock and pool,
Swell this River, our Highland jewel.

We Bless the light from God's great orb
That dapples shadow and colours daub,
Gives life to tree, grass, rack of weed,
The life, the food all creatures need.

We Bless the fish that past us swim,
We know you're there, we see you fin
Upstream to lie clean gravel bed
To have your fun and make your redd.

For some, your company we like to keep,
For others the odd wee fish is good to eat.
Whatever reason that's good for you
Let hope renewed this year come true

Time is here to raise the glass,
Toast these waters, as they pass
From hill to loch, from soil to sea,
We Bless and cheer - The Beauly


Some Pictures from here, more to follow, Tides to the right:

For somewhere else to fish try our Concessionary Waters and Exchange Ticket details from this link

Next Meeting

Wednesday 1st June 8pm
Shinty ClubHouse, Braeview Park

PERMITS for 2016
Now available from John Szarkiewicz,
the membership secretary
or by post to 18, Croyard Road, Beauly IV4 7EE
with cheque made payable to' Beauly Angling Club'.

SSE Line Works over the River:
These are now complete and the River opened again.


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