Updated June 2019 (plus the June Minutes).

  • Beauly is now a CATEGORY 1 river (- recommendations for fish catches are on the Rules pages).
  • The Club will have a second Junior Fishings events towards the end of June – keep an eye on the pages for dates, Yorky will be contacting Juniors. To take part please join the Club using the form attached.Junior renewal form
  • The latest Committee Meeting Minutes are available – BAC MinutesJune minutes are uploaded.
  • There is a new paper from the Ness & Beauly Fisheries Trust available from SISI project Article.
  • Day tickets for the 2019 season will be available via FishPal or by phone/ in-person from Mr Ian McHardy, Riverview House, Viewfield Avenue, Beauly. IV4 7BF (07778479247).
  • Tide Times for the week ahead:
  • Friday 21 June 2019 03:25 4.24 M HW
    09:16 1.05 M LW
    15:56 4.22 M HW
    21:32 1.53 M LW
    Saturday 22 June 2019 04:04 4.10 M HW
    09:49 1.18 M LW
    16:39 4.05 M HW
    22:02 1.72 M LW
    Sunday 23 June 2019 04:44 3.96 M HW
    10:24 1.34 M LW
    17:22 3.87 M HW
    22:35 1.90 M LW
    Monday 24 June 2019 05:27 3.82 M HW
    11:05 1.51 M LW
    18:09 3.71 M HW
    23:15 2.06 M LW
    Tuesday 25 June 2019 06:14 3.72 M HW
    12:02 1.66 M LW
    18:59 3.57 M HW
    Wednesday 26 June 2019 00:12 2.17 M LW
    07:06 3.66 M HW
    13:40 1.75 M LW
    19:53 3.50 M HW
    Thursday 27 June 2019 02:06 2.19 M LW
    08:02 3.67 M HW
    15:09 1.70 M LW
    20:49 3.49 M HW
    Friday 28 June 2019 03:26 2.06 M LW
    09:00 3.74 M HW
    16:05 1.58 M LW
    21:45 3.58 M HW
    Saturday 29 June 2019 04:16 1.84 M LW
    09:59 3.88 M HW
    16:50 1.42 M LW
    22:38 3.73 M HW

Beauly Angling Club provides members with affordable access to river and firth for Salmon and Sea Trout.

The club was founded during the Second World War by the late Simon Fraser, Lord Lovat, and became known as the Beauly Angling Club in the mid 1980s.

Our fishing on the River Beauly extends downstream from Lovat Bridge to Wester Lovat; this equates to around 7 miles of bank fishing with ten named pools.

The fishing on the inner half of the Beauly Firth is also included in club membership offering saltwater fly fishing, spinning and bait fishing predominately for Sea Trout. We have a number of exchange tickets set up with other Angling Clubs across Scotland.

We will have exchange tickets and also offer concessionary waters – please see the menu from the Members & Club Information pages after the Season begins

The club holds a number of friendly competitions for members held on different waters and regularly fields teams in inter-club competitions during the season, please see the Competitions page.

In 2014 we launched a junior member development programme aimed at bringing the next generation of anglers into the sport. We plan to have more Junior Fishing Days in 2019

Who can join?

The club is open to potential members from all over the Highlands & Islands. We would particularly welcome applications from potential junior members. Associate membership is available for other UK residents, and permits are available for visitors to our waters