Updated 24th February 2024 for the new 2024 season.

Day/weekly tickets for the river and firth fishings will be available through Iain Morrison, Cruivend House, Cruivend. Beauly IV4 7BE. 07900 693526 or Paul Summerlin 07746 581833.
Payment by cash, cheque or BACS transfer – 80-05-61 00138972, Bank Of Scotland Business a/c. Beauly Angling Club

Firth and River tickets will also be available from Grahams & Co., Castle Street, Inverness (01463 233178).
Another possible location is being sought on the North side of the Firth – check later for updates.
On the River only 2 rods per day can be allocated, so its worth checking before the day or you can book in advance. New prices this season will be applied – check below:

Prices for the 2024 season will be:

River day ticket                                        £30/day

River week ticket                                     £100

Firth weekly permit                                  £25

Firth season permit                                 £50

Beats 1-3 are generally the best salmon pools, beats 4-10 best for sea trout, finnoch but neither are exclusive.

The lower beats generally fish best when water levels are above 1ft, whilst beats 1-2 fish well when the levels are lower.

Please be aware that the club water is influenced by the tide, and largely becomes unfishable at high tide (especially when tide levels are over 3.7m). Please check the tide tables on the front page which are taken for Inverness. Fishing can be good on a rising tide.

The water level is also influenced by Hydro-electric generation and water levels can rise and fall more quickly than natural fluctuations.

Car parking for beats 1-3 is available at a dedicated car park for BAC at the bridge. From Beauly, turn right under the traffic lights on the Lovat Bridge and the gated car park is next to the road  (the car park is signed and the combination for the lock is needed – please ask when picking up your permit)

Parking for the other beats is generally in Beauly village with some parking as shown on the Beats map.

The club would also ask visiting anglers to read and observe the relevant rules contained in this site.

For further information please contact any of the clubs’ officers contained on the personnel pages of this web site.

We look forward to your visit.