June 2021 – Strimming over Beats 1 and 2. Again, thanks to Iain and CHarlie for a Sunday spent on the beats making them much more accessible.

Beat 1 strimmed
Strimming at Beat 1 June2021
Strimming at Beat2
Tide rising after a strim of Beats 2 and 1 June 2021
Beat 2 with new seat after strimming
Strimming around the new seat at Beat 2 June 2021

May 2021 – New seat at the Beat. Many thanks to Iain and Charlie for putting in the new seat and transplanting the old one into the car parking space. Much appreciated for getting waders on and off!

Rail down to Beat 2
Rail down to Beat 2

February 2021 – River Opening.

The Chair of BAC Opening the River 11th February 2021 (with social distancing)

And here are a few more photographs of rare ice pancakes forming at the bank of the Piles Pool courtesy of John Szarkewicz.

Opening Day Feb2021
Ice pancakes forming at the bank of the Beauly at the Piles Pool
Opening Day Feb 2021
Ice pancakes forming by the bank of the river at the Piles Pool