Minutes of BAC Committee Meeting Monday 17th May 2021

Apologies Nil

Present Wendy Harpe, Dave Sellers, Paul Summerlin, Jim Braithwaite, Charlie Simpson, Iain Morrison, John Brocklehurst, Neil Mackenzie.

Approval of minutes & AGM The AGM for the 2021 Season will be the First week in December on Friday 3rd December.

Matters not on the Agenda  The Committee welcomed Iain Morrison and Charlie Simpson as new Committee Members.
Membership as at May 2021 Note: Seniors there are about 12 members that have not re-joined the Club. Dave should send out an email to these telling them that we are still keeping the Permit price down at £70 and attach a renewal form for this year so.

The Downie Fishings Catch Returns, some Members did not put in their catch return however these have all been contacted and we now have the returns. We do not as yet have a receipt for the payment Wendy said that the state of the road was shocking and that Bidwells did nothing about the potholes. Also, they failed to put the water on for using the toilet in the Fishing Hut.

Competitions. The Seniors Competition will be at Tarvie on a Thursday evening. Neil is looking into a date for this event. Once we have a date then Dave will notify Club members. Inter-Club Competition is at Watten this Saturday 23rd, all boats are booked.

Young People Fishing Days. Yorky will be checking with the owners of Orrin Fishery and speaking to Karl Brocklehurst then letting Wendy know when the young people can go fishing there. All the trees and bushes have been cut back. The weed in the pond still needs to be cut. Once the site is ready, Yorky will set a date for the first event and start contacting the families. Currently the weather is still a bit cold and windy for the young ones but hopefully this will change in the near future.

Face book. This is probably best done by a young member who use Face Book on a regular basis. Julia or Liam Leslie are possibilities. Paul Summerlin to speak to them to see if they would be happy to run the page for the Club, at the next Junior Fishing event. If so, this will provide us with another place to publicise the Club, encourage membership, sell tickets and so on.

Fisheries Board Jim Braithwaite went to the latest Fisheries Board meeting. The Board would like SSE to provide more lifts for the Smolts so increasing the current 2 to 3. The Bird Count had a turn-out of 3 Club members which was down on previous years. Ruth, the biologist, is mapping Himalayan Balsam and would like help from local volunteers.
Further information from Jim Braithwaite: Jim was asked by Yorky if the BAC committee could be given a copy of the minutes so that we could discuss them. Jim said that the Board was thinking of putting its minutes on their website, so we could down load them and circulate to Committee members, The new bailiff, Ali Skinner, is very keen and Jim thinks that he will make a big difference as he gets more familiar with the River and the Board.

1). The Old Bench at beat 2. Ian Morrison and Charlie Simpson asked the owner of BHP, Alan Hogan, if they could take away the “Old Bench” at beat 2 and replace it with a new bench. He agreed that they could, so we now have a new bench at Beat 2. The old Bench has been transported to the “Bridge Car Park” to be used by the members for sitting down to change their waders etc. Alan Hogan also agreed to having the footpath from near the Lovat Bridge beat to the bottom of beat 2 strimmed, etc. So well done Charlie and Iain.
2). Wendy told the meeting that she will not be able to continue to be the Chair or do the membership due to poor health. John Szarkiewicz has agreed to do the membership. But by the AGM a new Chair would have to be appointed. In the meantime Wendy will continues as Chair, though she will be away in June. The Committee will cover for her while she is away and one or two have volunteered to assist Yorky and Karl with the Young members fishing days at Orrin fishery.

Meeting Closed (next meeting’s date is To Be Advised)