Minutes of BAC Committee Meeting Wednesday 8th December 2021.

Members Present. Dave Sellers, Paul Summerlin, Charlie Simpson, Neil Mackenzie, Iain Morrison, Karl Brocklehurst, Apologies. Jim Braithwaite, Derek McLean.
Approval of Minutes and AGM. Prop. Paul Summerlin.  
                                                               Sec. Charlie Simpson.
Proposals for Revised Rules and Constitution as agreed at AGM.
Colour of Booklet to change
1 Committee Meetings Monthly as needed.
2 Membership. • Senior Members £80 • Senior Citizens £40 • Intermediate (16-25) • Youngsters (up to 15years) Free • New Members £100.
3. Rules: 11 Catch Returns to be moved to Rule 15 and all others then move up one. Addition of wording: Failure to make a return will result in a £10 Fine and may result in the loss of membership.
Delete The Ferguson Trophy Change Beat 3 (Teawig) to “Wendy’s Beat” Exchange Tickets Change from Wendy to John Szarkiewicz.
Day Tickets ( Stays ) £20 for the river
Available Through Wendy Harpe, 18, Croyard Drive, Beauly IV4 7EE        Beauly 782631 Email harpewendy@gmail.com
Opening of season Friday 11th 2022 but we will hope to be having a Piper and Dave will ask Glen Ord distillery if they can give us a bottle of their Malt for us at the opening day and a Banner for the hut. Dave will also try to get a Photographer from P and J.
Loch Fada. One of our members asked if we would be going to find out if the members could have fishing there again, Karl and Yorky to get in touch with the owners.
Downie Beats Dave is going to reply to Bidwells and tell them we would like to have the Downie beats same price as previous season.
Meeting Closed
Next Meeting Thursday 3rd February @ 7.00pm at Neils

MINUTES Of BAC Annual General Meeting
Friday 3rd December 2021 at the Lovat Arms Hotel.

Apologies Yorky Brocklehurst , Ewen Robertson F Durdle.
Number Present 12.
No Minutes for last year Due to Virus.
Matters arising not on Agenda NONE
Accounts Passed :            Proposed : John Szarkiewicz
                              Seconded: Paul Summerlin.
Chairpersons Report.         Wendy Harpe gave the members her last report as she is retiring due to poor health and “Old age” but will still be able to act as the club’s agent for visitors who wish to fish the river by selling them the Day tickets from her home at Croyard Drive in Beauly. Wendy told the meeting that 11 of the members failed to send in their catch returns and will be fined £10 – to be added to their 2022 membership fee when they re-join next season.
The returns as follows.
      Salmon: 2
      Seatrout: 8
      Finnoch: 198
The low returns were blamed on the water levels and temperature.                   Proposed. Jim Braithwaite
            Seconded Dave Sellers.
Watten. Comp Winners were Loch Achonachie A.C
The Mathesons Trophy Winner was Frank Durdle 5lb 8oz
The Tom Mightens Cup Winner was Mike McDonald 2lb 8 oz BAC
BAC Competition Shield Jim Braithwaite.
Election of office bearers.
Chairman Iain Morrison.    Prop.Jim Braithwaite        
                                                      Sec Paul Summerlin.
Vice Chairman Neil Mackenzie  Prop: Paul Summerlin
                                                              Sec Dave Sellers.
Secretary Dave Sellers  Prop: John  Szarkiewicz
                                                     Sec Karl Brocklehurst
Treasurer: We are waiting to see how Yorky goes on with the Doctors but he was voted as Treasurer in the interim.
Remainder of Committee: Paul Summerlin, Charlie Simpson, Jim Braithwaite, Derek McLean, Karl Brocklehurst.
Proposals for Revised Rules and Constitution.
Rule No 11 Catch Returns. To be moved to No 15 and All others then moved up one!
Price of SENIOR MEMBERS £80.  Prop: Paul Summerlin
                                                           Sec: John Szarkiewicz
SENIOR CITIZENS £40        Prop: Jim Braithwaite                       
                                                             Sec: Dave Sellers
INTERMEDIATE(16 to 25) £20     Prop: Wendy Harpe
                                                             Sec: John Zsarkiewicz
YOUNGSTERS(up to15 years) FREE  Prop: Dave Sellers                                   
                                                                 Sec: Karl Brocklehurst
NEW MEMBERS £100          Prop: Jim Braithwaite               
                                                                 Sec:   Neil Mackenzie
DAY TICKETS “Stay” at £20 for the River  and will be available through Wendy Harpe, 18 Croyard Drive, BEAULY IV4 7EE     Beauly 782631
Email harpewendy@gmail.com
FIRTH TICKETS also ‘stay’ at £45 for a season ticket and £20 for a week. These will be available from Graham’s in Inverness. 

The Beauly Fishery Board. Jim Braithwaite will be going to the next meeting and will report back to the Committee. He said that he was impressed with the new Bailiff (Ali Skinner) who has made 400 patrols of the river this season and caught several people fishing without a permit and some fishing with a net and the Police called out to arrest some!!
AOB Allen Hill asked the committee if there was any chance of the club being able to get permission to fish Loch Fada again. The committee will look into this and also try to find somewhere else to have competitions other than Tarvie!
Date of Next A G M The Date for Next years A G M to be decided in new year and will notify the membership when decided, likely to be early December.
The meeting Closed with Wendy Harpe being presented with a bunch of Flowers for being the Chair and hope that she will still help the Committee if we need any advise.
Tight Lines.