The Junior Fishings have had a successful season. There have been 5 Junior Fishing Days. Three of these were at the Orrin and two at Loch Tarvie. The costs at the 2 venues are roughly the same and consists of stocking the Orrin and paying fees for the use of Tarvie. The overall costs for the Season are around a thousand pounds. SSE gave us a grant of 3K to cover this and the next two seasons, so many thanks to them. Despite the weather generally being against us, each session managed to take place with youngsters turning up. The first session took place in May and the last one in late September. Attendances were as follows:- May (Orrin) 8. June (Tarvie) 9. August (Orrin) 17. September (Tarvie) 12. Late September (Orrin) 15. In addition to the youngsters there were always helpers, so thanks to the parents and others who helped. During the season we started to weigh the fish and give a BAC Badge to whoever had the heaviest fish. We now have 30 Junior members and are looking at whether or not we need to split them into two groups since the ideal number of attendees is around 12/15. All 5 sessions had someone teaching fly fishing so thanks to Ewan Robertson, Hamish Young and Frank Durdle. We now have 6 youngsters who preference is to fly fish and we are considering running a session on the Saturday specifically for fly fishing. This year we have sent Karl Brocklehurst to do SANA’s Level 1 Coaching Course. This has only recently taken place and Karl is still doing his ‘homework’ Finally, undying thanks to Yorky who has made all this possible. Wendy Harpe. November 2019