Beauly Angling Club



                                        SPRING 2018              

 Hi there fellow Anglers and Friends.

                                                           The season has started and already some Sea trout have been caught and returned on the Downie beats. Also on a sunny Saturday Morning on the 17th February members met at the Downie Beat Fishing Hut and Celebrated the opening of the river Beauly with a dram of Glen Ord Singleton Malt provided by the distillery. Chairwoman Wendy Harpe poured a Quaich full of the Malt onto the river and asked the river to be good for All Anglers for the 2018 season and we all downed a dram to toast the river. I noticed in the March Fishpal newsletter that there was a picture of the members in front of the Downie Fishing hut and another picture of a young lady that looked much like Wendy Harpe taken a good few years ago with a landing net. The Inverness Courier also had a Photo of Jim Braithwaite casting a fly at the opening day too, and would you believe it he was in the P and J “letters” page “Casting again” as a backdrop to a letter about smolts that someone from outwith this area had written. He says he should be getting paid for these as the P and J seems to go into the File “for fly fishers” and out comes a photo of Jim Braithwaite !!!

 Ferry Keys.                     

Here is the information about Ferry Keys as provided by Lovat Estates.

The intention is that any BAC members wishing to take vehicular access to the Ferry area will obtain a key from either Wendy Harpe, 18 Croyard Drive (Tel 782631) or Billy Mackenzie, 20 Beaufort Gardens (Tel 782758). These two keys have been supplied free of charge but replacement for any lost keys will be charged to BAC. No copies can be made of the keys.

Any Member using the gate must lock the gate behind them both when taking access to the ferry and when leaving. This is to avoid unauthorised vehicles taking access and also to avoid the padlock being stolen! The Club will provide keys for any disabled club members who would like to fish the Ferry.

 Seniors Competition. This is hopefully on Sat 2nd June or Sat 9th June, at Loch Meig , There will be 5 boats provided by Loch Achonachie AC 3 fishers/boat and anyone else who may wish to bring their own boat and motor can do so but first notify Neil .To book a place in this Competition ring Neil Mackenzie on 01463 782991.

The Inter Club Competition….This will again be at Loch Watten on Saturday 21st July and again if you want to fish this event ring Neil Mackenzie on 01463 782991.

Junior Day – NOT a Competition… At the last committee meeting Paul Pacey said that first we must get the kids to Fish and Catch a Fish!! So Youngsters need to be able to go fish with a spinner or a worm NOT in a Competition but just to ENJOY being able to catch a FISH!!

It was agreed that previous attempts had failed partly because they were fly only and as too much time was spent learning rather than fishing and partly because they did not catch a FISH.

So it was decided that we should try 3 fishing occasions –not competitions. One at Jim Braithwaite’s place where they can catch a fish with worm or spinner. One hopefully at Orrin, and one to be decided later. Also the sessions will not be too long, 2/3 hours at the most!



PERMITS: I have been told to ask you all if you have bought your 2018 Permits yet and those of you who HAVE NOT done so yet may I remind you that once again the price of your permit HAS NOT GONE UP it is the same price as last year so get your Permit renewal form and send it with a cheque made payable to Beauly Angling Club to 18 Croyard Drive Beauly. You can print off the form by accessing the Clubs Web site or contact Wendy Harpe or Dave Sellers and we will send/give you a form for you to fill in.



The WEBSITE.: Talking about the Clubs Web site, how often do you open this up and have a look at it? I have had people email me and ask where things are on it, can’t find something no problem email Paul Summerlin he is the man to ask   You can Email him on ….


I was asked at the Opening Celebration to mention in this Newsletter that Paul would like anyone who has any Old photographs of the Beauly River that we could scan and get them onto our website.

 Bank Clearance Wendy Harpe and Yorky Brocklehurst have both had a look at the Tarradale and Priory Walk. The Walk is nigh on impassable and given that it has Knotweed it seems unlikely that this will improve in the near future. When we have a fuller picture of the state of access to the Mealloch, Ferry and Tarradale fishing, we will probably be asking for volunteers to get together and clear parts of the banks.


             Tight Lines   Dave Sellers.