• 2017 Angling Club Rules.

  1. Permits. Members will carry their laminated BAC permits whilst fishing at all times and must produce it if asked to do so. If any club member is not carrying their permit, they must not fish (Note new laminated membership cards are to be issued for next season) If a permit should be lost a replacement may be had from the committee for a £10 fee.
  2. 2017 Catch & Release:The following measures are recommended to all Club members: SALMON, from opening day until the 30th of June ALL Catch and Release, from 1st July ALL Hen fish and ALL Cock fish Over 7lbs caught and ALL coloured fish must be returned. A Maximum of 1 fish per week to 3 fish per Season per person will be allowed to be kept. ALL taken fish to have a scale sample taken. SEA TROUT: ALL fish below 3/4lbs to be released, ALL fish above 3lbs to be released. Fishers allowed to keep 2 per week and a bag limit of 6 fish per person for the season.
  3. River Conduct. On the club water, all anglers must move down one metre at every cast, irrespective of whether or not any other anglers are waiting. The angler arriving first, at either side of a beat, has the right to fish down the water first followed by other rods in order of their arrival. An angler, on landing and returning a Salmon or Grilse, shall not continue fishing but take their turn should other rods be waiting. If they should lose a fish, they may continue.
  4. Extent of fishing. The water between Lovat Bridge and Wester Lovat is Fly fishing only, NO treble hooks are allowed – the use of de-barbed or barbless hooks is encouraged. On the Firth fishings, starting at Wester Lovat seaward, fishing is by rod and line only but fishing with multiple rods or fixed lines is strictly forbidden.
  5. Other waters. When fishing other waters on exchange tickets or by invitation the rules of those clubs or associations must be adhered to all times. See the separate rules in relation to Loch Fada.
  6. River Beauly fishing seasons: Salmon, Grilse, Sea Trout & Finnock: 11th February to 15th October. Brown Trout: 15th March to 6th October
  7. Catch returns. As a tenant of Lovat Estate, the BAC have a legal duty to complete a timely and accurate annual catch return for submittal to the Scottish Executive. Members will therefore make their annual catch return to the designated committee member no later than the 31st October. An email return is acceptable and nil returns are required. Failure to make a return may result in the loss of membership.
  8. Scale Samples. From all fish caught, scale samples together with an estimated length and weight should be submitted to the Ness & Beauly Fisheries Trust.
  9. Use of boats. Unless provided by the owners of waters being leased or rented by the Club, there is a strict policy of no boat fishing. This includes the use of float tubes, pontoon boats or other craft on club waters.
  10. Right of access/countryside code. Club members should familiarise themselves with the rights of access in Scotland and the Countryside Code. Members are liable for any damage they cause; the Club will not be held responsible or liable for any costs in this respect.
  11. Bass. Sea Bass are occasionally caught in the Firth fishings,it is illegal to retain Bass of less than 420mm(16.5 inches) in length.Catch and Release of Bass is encouraged by the Committee.
  12. These rules supersede all previous rules of the BAC and must be adhered to.