Minutes of BAC Committee Meeting Wednesday 9th January 2019

Apologies: Nil.

Present:  Wendy Harpe, Dave Sellers, John Brocklehurst, Neil Mackenzie, Paul Summerlin., Jim Braithwaite

Approval of minutes:- Prop. Jim Braithwaite Sec Neil Mackenzie.

Matters Arising Not on the Agenda:-

Loch Fada. Wendy has heard from Erchless estates, and will meet up with Peter Sinclair-Knipe on Friday 25th January.

Parking at the Dutch Barn, It is not possible to park your car here anymore as its Out of Bounds. The Lovat |Estate has closed it down due to the huge number of “Dog Walkers “ using it, and there have been vehicles including a large coach driving up to the House by the Groam Beat and tourists photographing Lord Lovat’s house Wendy has heard that Lovat Estates are trying to find a Parking area exclusive to the Angling club.

Rent and Lease:- The Committee was given a copy of the letter that Wendy sent to Lovat Estate to read. The Committee discussed the new rateable and the rent. Wendy hopes to be meeting with Iain Sutherland in the near future.

Junior Fishings:- Wendy and Yorky had sent All the Junior members and their parents Christmas Cards along with renewal forms for the 2019 season.

Bank Clearance:-

Yorky told the meeting that at Wester Lovat it needs a hand rail and rope to assist getting down the bank to the waters edge, hopefully this will be seen to by the start of the new season. He also said that he and Karl Brocklehurst will be going to Mealloch Beat and cut back the brambles and ask about a New access from the gate near Teewig farm. Wendy reported that access down the bank to Beat 1 on the Beauly side needs replacing. Hopefully Jim Braithwaite and john Szarkiewicz will sort this.

Permits and Rules.:

Wendy again showed the meeting the exchange Permit for Inverness AC 2019, she said that BAC would probably get one very similar to this. It was decided that the card part should contain all the info that doesn’t change much from year to year printed in a couple of colours. The white paper insert will contain all the rules which do tend to change ands anything else we think necessary. The constitution will go onto our web site for 2019

Salmon. The Early part of the season from Opening Day 11th Feb to 30th of June May well be Catch and Release since springers are now running into June.

Sea Trout . ALL fish below ¾ lb to be released. ALL fish above 3lbs to be released, Fishers allowed to keep 2 per week and a bag limit of 6 fish per person per season.

A.O.B: Opening celebration:- will be at the Downie Beat Hut again on the Saturday 16th February at 11am Yorky to arrange the Piper, and the Sausage rolls along with Paul Summerlin. Dave Sellers has contacted the Ord Distillery about a Free bottle of Singleton Malt to toast the river with John Szarkiewicz to be asked if he would take some photos that we can send to the P & J and the Inverness Courier. Wendy to contact Bidwells to let them know we are proposing to do this.

Data protection,   Hamish Young has sent an email to the committee about this. The Club does send out e-mails to everyone who has provided an e-mail address. In data protection concerns we need to check that everyone is happy with this. Dave to do this.

Competitions;- Neil to ring the owner of Loch Watten about possible dates for the Club to organise the Inter club Competition.

Meeting Ended. Next meeting Wed Feb 6th