Latest Committee Meeting Minutes:

Minutes of BAC Committee Meeting 6th December 2017.

Apologies Nil

Present Wendy Harpe (Chair), Paul Pacey, Dave Sellers, John Brocklehurst, Jim Braithwaite, Alan Cadden, Neil Mackenzie.


Beauly Fishery Board Update by Paul Pacey :

No of fish through Kilmorack Dam at week 42 was 4,250, No. of fish caught from on all sections of the Beauly system in 2017 was

  1. Salmon 756 compared to 871 in 2016 (approx..13% less)
  2. Sea Trout 494 compared to 1135 in 2016 (approx. 44% less partly result of change in categorisation of Finnock)

A new fish counter is being fitted, has a camera which will make it possible to spot sea trout

Nick Barker of NBFT reported that a survey of the burns on the Beauly for fry and parr showed that there were no fundamental or long term problems.However there has been an increase in sawbills, etc.

No pink salmon have been caught on the Beauly

SSE – there is an ongoing debate on the mortality of fish going through the turbines in very low water levels. If smolts go through when they are sending compensation water there is a 30% mortality rate. This can occur on all dams and so the final mortality rate could be as much as 60% plus. SSE have no intention of changing their generating systems to avoid this.
However, changes in generating policy can be expected due to greater solar/wind supply. Eg. generating when no wind. Can also expect changes in water levels to be quicker.

Poaching. the Bailiffs reported that apart from the start of the season there had been very little poaching.

Conservation . The Board has written to the Scottish Government about the Beauly being re-categorised a level 3. They have despite reminders not received a reply. Paul informed the Board that the Club would be contacting the Government via our MSP to try and get a response.

Revised levy based on the new Rateable Value following revaluation will come into force in 2018.

Permits. Dave and Wendy will look at the paper work next week and one or both will do the printing. Jim Braithwaithe will do the lamination and John Szarkiewicz will design the actual Permit.

Day Tickets as decided at the AGM, four day tickets will be available at any one time. 2 will be made available via Fishpal and hopefully 2 from somewhere in the village.

The Downie  Bidwells have already been contacted as to whether or not the Downie will be made available to us. Yorky will follow this up. He will also be checking as to the number of rods available each day.

Opening Day -this will take place at 11am on Saturday 17th February, ideally at the Downie hut. Yorky to be in charge of food and drink hopefully with help from other members.

Website – Paul Summerlin is in charge of this and therefore he was co-opted on to the Committee. It was decided that a shortened version of the minutes would be placed on the website around a week after the Committee Meeting.

Competitions. It was decided that we would run the inter club competition at Loch Watten – provisionally Sat 28th July. Neil to sort. Senior Competition will take place around 2nd of June Venue to be arranged.

Insurance Due to be renewed 1st April – Jim Braithwaithe to research this.

Keys for the Ferry Gate. 1 is with Wendy and can be picked up from the house, Alan Brindle has one which needs to be returned. Club to try to insure that all disabled members have their own key.