Beauly Angling Club                            May  2020                                                                                                                                                                    Fellow members, here is the very latest news that we have been waiting for! As Nicola has announced regularly in her broadcasts, she will announce the detail of any changes on Thursday 28th, so although it seems likely that the angling can start on Friday 29th it is by no means a done deal. The point that seems to be awkward is that you can only fish within 5 miles from your home which would exclude a number of our members! Hopefully we could end up with something like people can fish rivers within their locality. And best of all would be to allow anglers to fish rivers where they already have permits. We’ll know for sure on Thursday. It was announced on the Club web site that it would be likely that fishing would resume for members only from Friday 29th. So, we will not be selling day tickets or using the exchange tickets until we decide it is safe to do so. We are proposing the rules below until the government changes their advice.
1 . Limited angling may resume on BAC waters on Friday the 29th May 2020 from
2. Only Beauly Angling Club members can fish the river.
3. Anglers should wear a buff/mask or similar when near other people and wear gloves when touching gates, stiles, fences or any tackle that is not your own.
4 You should take a sanitizer or wipes so you clean anything you touch as you go and then dispose of them at home.
5. Social distancing must be maintained, a minimum of 2 metres away from others when outside your household, this is whether you are in the river, car park or on the bank. This is perhaps the most important instruction if people are to remain safe, so anyone seen to be breaking this requirement will have their permit cancelled for the rest of the season.
6. Accessing or exiting the beats adjacent to the Beauly Holiday Park must be via the river side only. No walking through the site which is currently in lockdown.
7. Firth fishers should display their membership book on their car dashboard and ALL members should carry their laminated Permit Card when at either the River or the Firth.
8. Fishing may be suspended at any time due to Government guidelines. Members are reminded that they cannot fish the river without a permit, which are still available.

We are not at this time sure whether or not there will be fishing for Juniors. It will depend on how schools deal with re-opening. When we know more, we’ll be in touch.